10 Writing Prompts (April 19, 2019)

Are you a Christian non-fiction writer struggling to come up with what to write on next? Maybe one of these writing prompts will kick-start your creativity.

Feel free to use/adapt any of these without permission or attribution. Happy writing!

1.) David and Death in the Psalms

In Psalms 6:5, David writes, “For in death there is no remembrance of you.” What does he mean by this?

2.) Limits/Boundaries for Writers?

With blogs, social media accounts, and platforms looking for submitted content, writers may need a new framework for how to choose what they should and should not write about. A wise writer knows when to speak and when to be silent, but how am I to know?

3.) Reviews of Pulitzer Prize Winners / Runners-Up

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced this past Monday, and may prove beneficial to engage with the books/articles winning major awards in our culture. What can we learn from these works?

4.) The Three Point Sermon

When I was in high school / college, my professors continually stressed the need to move on from the five-paragraph form: Introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion.

If a pastor weekly relies on a 3-point sermon, does he then need to be more creative in his form?

5.) The Form of a Sermon

The last idea got me thinking more. I’m not a pastor and I have little idea how pastors decide to structure their sermons. What kind of choices are made during the sermon-writing process, what techniques are considered out-dated, cheesy, or even unbiblical?

6.) When to Leave a Church

Can someone offer an argument based on Scripture for leaving a church? What situations call for an individual church member leave that church in order to sustain their spiritual health?

7.) A Comparative Review

Lots of sites/blogs do book reviews–which is great! It would be interesting to see someone take on two books at once on the same topic and offer a comparative analysis.

8.) Portrayals of Jesus

This may seem odd, but I’ve wondered what to think about portrayals of Jesus in visual art and film. We do not know what Jesus looked like–does that mean we have creative license to make him look like anything or does that mean we should refrain from portraying him?

9.) Reasons to Believe Jesus Really Rose from the Dead

Re-affirming the truth of the resurrection never gets old!

10.) Scripture Memorization

Has Scripture memorization benefited you in some way? What verse did you memorize and how did it encourage or rebuke you?