10 Writing Prompts (April 26, 2019)

Are you a Christian writer struggling to come up with what to write on next? Maybe one of these writing prompts will kick-start your creativity.

Feel free to use/adapt any of these without permission or attribution. Happy writing!

1.) Poetry and Form

I’ve noticed an increased interest in reading/writing poetry. If you are interested in this, a good place to start may be to imitate/adapt the form or technique of a past poem. I think engagement with the past is a helpful way to add depth to your poetry!

2.) Your Bible and You

Have you had your Bible for a long time or a short time? Who gave it to you? What have you been through while having that Bible?

Tell us a story about what your Bible has meant to you.

3.) Promises in the Mundane

What encouragements/rebukes/promises in Scripture can I recall when I’m tired of doing the dishes–when I have some repetitive mundane task that takes up so much time?

4.) Dealing with Anger

Life with Christ should transform how my heart reacts to things. What things does the Bible say should anger me? What things do I get angry about that reveal something sinful in my heart? How do I fight against anger in the moment?

5.) On Apologzing

You’d think that after all the times I’ve had to apologize that I would be an expert at it–but I could certainly use a fresh look on how to apologize. It would be interesting too to see a post on how good apologies might look different in person vs. online, or from an individual vs. a group.

6.) What Does the Jackal Mean?

As I read through Isaiah, I keep hearing about Jackals. What does this mean?

7.) Unity of Scripture

Write a post that compares the Serpent’s words in Eden with Satan’s temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. What do you notice?

8.) Story in the Bible

Write about your favorite story or stories in the Bible, and how they helped you in your walk with Christ.

9.) The Benefits of Never Publishing a Book

So many people want to write a book and have it published. It might be fun for a non-published author to own that and give some reasons to never publish, even if given the chance.

10.) Seeing Double in Deuteronomy

I’d love to read a post on why Deuteronomy is the way that it is–why are we given a second time much of what we’ve seen in previous books?