10 Writing Prompts (May 3, 2019)

Are you a Christian writer struggling to come up with what to write on next? Maybe one of these writing prompts will kick-start your creativity.

Feel free to use/adapt any of these without permission or attribution. Happy writing!

1.) The Deceptive Ways We Keep Ourselves from Submitting to God’s Word

I caught myself, just this week, skipping over sections of Scripture in my daily reading. A verse here–a verse there. I must have either thought I was familiar enough with them that I didn’t need to read them, or they just didn’t seem interesting to me at the moment. I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to return, changing my heart for those passages I just neglected.

How have you caught yourself moving away from a submission to God’s Word?

2.) Meekness in Others

Meekness is hard to find–and when we find it in ourselves it can quickly turn into pride. Where have you seen meekness in others?

3.) Accountability Partners

I’d love to read a biblical framework for how to do accountability. When does talking about one’s sin to another benefit us, and when does it hurt us?

4.) Prayers to Teach Me Patience, Silence

When I see something online that makes me angry, I want to get involved right away. I am prone to make rash decisions, and I’ve learned this is a bad place for me to be. What can I pray in those times of anger and passion to help me cultivate humility and slow-to-anger-ness?

5.) Editorial Practice

There are a lot of sites out there taking submissions for Christian blog/article writing, and I would love for all our editorial processes to be as similar as infrastructures will allow. I had a wonderful conversation with another Managing Editor, and we were able to share about our editorial experiences/practices.

6.) The Quiet Revolution in Evangelical Christian Publishing

Absolutely fascinating to see the words “Evangelical Christian Publishing” in the title of the LitHub article. I’d like to see this conversation kept up in some way.

7.) Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Tell us all what you have learned from your mom!

8.) # Role-Model Moms in the Bible

If you are looking for a listicle, research into moms who appear in the Bible. Who should women imitate, who should women see as examples to avoid?

As a writer, I find working on listicles to be rewarding. They have a bad reputation among writers, but diving into the Bible and submitting to God’s Word is always a fruitful experience.

9.) When Your Love isn’t Reciprocated

Are there any moms out there who have loved their children, and have not been loved back? Matthew 5:4 says, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” How has this hard experience led to some comfort in Jesus?

10.) “The Scriptures Testify to Me”

It is always great to read about how all the different books of the Bible point to Scripture, and it is also a blessing to write about it as well. When you are the one who researches and writes how Christ is proclaimed throughout the Bible, you personalize and cherish the truth in a new way!