10 Writing Prompts (May 10, 2019)

Are you a Christian writer struggling to come up with what to write on next? Maybe one of these writing prompts will kick-start your creativity.

Feel free to use/adapt any of these without permission or attribution. Happy writing!

1.) Dealing with Job Loss

If you have experience with losing a job, what guidance or encouragement can you provide those who are or will experience the same? What were some things people said that were unhelpful, and what was helpful?

2.) A Letter to my Future Self

I’d be interested in seeing a graduating senior write a blog post concerning how they wish for their life to be used for the Lord. What characteristics do you hope define you? What calling awaits you?

3.) A Letter to my Past Self

I’d also be interested in reading a post by someone well past their college years, writing about what they wish they had known, or a biblical encouragement of some kind.

4.) Graduate School and the Christian Life

This is certainly something I would write if I had more time–but I wonder what people think about being a Christian and pursuing graduate degrees in places other than seminaries. What conflicts does this present? What temptations come with this?

5.) Facing Unknowns

This may be too similar to the first prompt, but I think it would be helpful to see a thoughtful articulation of how the Bible speaks to those facing unknowns. What does the Bible promise and what does it not? I fear we too often paraphrase the promises of God and in doing so we get them all wrong!

6.) Write a Psalm

I’ve been reading Psalms over the last few weeks and I have been greatly moved by it. I wonder, what would a psalm by me look like? Using a favorite psalm as a guide, write your own psalm that praises the Lord, appeals to his lovingkindness, or reaches out to him in need.

7.) Great Moments in Great Literature

I’ve read a lot of fiction books and many of them were written by non-Christian authors. Some of these books, as a whole, are not perfectly congruous with the Christian life, but they all have moments here and there that provided wonderful insight to something important to me as a Christian. Have you experienced this–write about it!

8.) An Opposite Short Story

I like to write fiction. If you know story, you know the general idea is to have a character with a goal who faces obstacles in achieving it. Story is conflict–you need to get to the conflict fast and when the conflict is over you need to wrap up the story fast!

But, I’ve been toying around with the idea of an “opposite” story–one that exists in-between moments of conflict. Meaning, once the story starts–the conflict ends. As you near the end–the conflict starts again. I think this could be fun to try.

9.) Look out your Window

One of the best ways to improve as a writer is to write a lot about something that does not immediately interest you. I encourage you to look our your nearest window and pick one thing you see out there–for me, it is my neighbor’s wooden fence. Write at least 1000 words on this thing. The history of it, the physical characteristics, the symbolic nature, any theological implications, how it compares to others things like it or near it, etc.

10.) What do you like about your Church?

Write a post highlighting the things you love about your local church community. I’d encourage you to avoid highlighting the goodness of yours by contrasting it with the badness of another church you visited. Just talk about the good!