10 Writing Prompts (May 24, 2019)

Are you a Christian writer searching for your next article idea? Maybe one of these writing prompts will kick-start your creativity.

Feel free to use/adapt any of these without permission or attribution. Happy writing!

1.) Who was Mary Magdalene?

Due to the recent movie about her, and previous movies where Mary is discussed / represented, it could be an interesting idea to write what we know about her from what the Bible says.

2.) How to Fight Boredom

I appreciated Brett McCracken’s recent TGC article demonstrating how heresy often starts with boredom. I’d like to see a closer look then on how we can fight boredom when we find ourselves in it!

3.) Does Editorial Style Matter?

As an editorial person myself, I would have fun reading a post arguing for why style matters. Why it’s better to use notes instead of citations, or vice verse. Why it’s better to use an “‘s” after names ending in -s, or vice versa.

4.) Books that Taught You a Love of Language

Have you ever read a book by someone, Christian or non-Christian, and during your time reading you thought, “Wow, this person loves words. They have such a care for language!” What book was it?

5.) How would life be different if we took away verse/chapter numbers?

What would be different about our own reading experience? How would the way that we talk about the Bible with others change?

6.) The What and the How

I recently re-read the fascinating, low-grade offensive essay by Annie Dillard, “The Book of Luke.” What I really liked about it was that Dillard discusses the how of the Gospels–not structurally, but formally. That is, she considers the rhetoric and pathos of the book of Luke. It struck me that we don’t do this enough!

I encourage you to take a book of the Bible, or perhaps a chapter or passage, and try to discuss the how of it. As an English teacher of mine once said: “Not what it means, but how it means.”

7.) Christian Fiction

I usually hear negative things about “Christian fiction,” but surely there is good out there! I’d like to see much more written on this topic, including an attempt of a definition of the genre if it exists. What are the formal requirements for a story to be marketed as Christian.

8.) Is Fiction Necessary?

What is fiction and why does it exist? I hear certain words associated with it–“fluff,” “entertainment,” etc. Is it more than these things?

9.) Will there be Fiction in Heaven?

If you consider fiction to be a kind of glorified lying, then I assume your answer is no. But if this form of writing can be used to glorify God–as much as music or non-fiction–then shouldn’t it be? If it did, what do you think would be different about it?

10.) Owning Bibles

This will seem like a silly question, but I’m more interested in the whole idea of it rather than the specific question: How many Bibles can you own before you have too many?

By that question, I really mean–for your own spiritual life, what do you need? If you have more Bibles than you need–ones that are unused, Bibles published within the last few years used only for decoration–how can you give them away?

Who do you know in your life that needs a Bible?